Elearning projects are like superheroes.
Their special powers get the job done!

As training leader, you’ve got goals.

You serve your audience, respond to content changes, and promote the vitality of your field. You educate, communicate, generate, and advocate.

You’ve got plenty of plates spinning and deadlines looming. You’re facing real go-live commitments that just cannot be postponed. It’s both nerve-wracking and stressful.

Does your training need some special powers?

It’s always better when an elearning, instructor-led, or printable course includes them! But how? Working with a skilled, flexible, and efficient resource can make all the difference.

As a learning designer, I’ve got skills.

With nearly 100 deadline-driven projects successfully completed as a client-facing instructional and elearning designer, I get training projects done, on-time and on-budget. 

Harnessing the power of excellence in learning design means even the most broad, messy, and crazy-making training mandates can take flight! 

What project would help you achieve your training goals?

You need solutions that deliver real learning to your audiences. Let’s work together, call in some superheroes, and get that job done. Start hearing “Wow, this is great!” more often.

Spend time with the projects below to experience some special powers of elearning for yourself!


Ethics training doesn't have to be dull! This short elearning example brings the subject to life.



When frontline managers are cast into training roles, they benefit from thoughtful development in the how-to of training leadership. The course snippet given here delivers on this intent.


Cybersecurity often suffers from the "That would never happen to me" attitude. This course asks learners to be the content creators, bypassing both worn-out delivery approaches and disengaged learners.


Sometimes, video is medium for the job. Its rich, multimedia features deliver visual stories and concise content while engaging the viewer's emotions. No special tools are required; this program was built in Adobe Captivate.



Safety and process training often requires viewers to learn physical movements, but can this be translated to the screen? This interactive program both trains, then drills, the three signals used in roadway flagging.

Please note: Both the clients and the content in these showcase projects are strictly fictional. This approach honors non-disclosure agreements and copyright ownership while showing the magic that’s possible in workplace elearning.

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