Excellular Explainer Video


Excellular, a leading cancer care provider, wants its community to understand the emotional side of cancer, loss, and grieving. Many people struggle with how to best comfort those who’ve lost loved ones, but this elearning program respectfully provides simple approaches for caring.


Simple, but personal

By providing a concise action, and backing it with the "voice" of the grieving, this program both defines the actions needed and the reasons for those actions. With this approach, viewers can gain insight into the sometimes confusing emotional state of those who have suffered a loss.

Emotional appeal

How can you communicate the seriousness of a subject, but incorporate a sense of hope, too? Quiet music, subdued colors, and self-paced navigation impart a quietness to this program, while the gradual introduction of a brighter color helps communicate change, solace, and healing.

Summarize softly

Bringing the program to a close with a summary allows the viewer to reflect on his or her learning one final time. In keeping with the gentle approach in this program, the summary is a simple and subtle reminder of what's been presented.

End on encouragement

Just as each individual facing a loss will respond differently, so will those who care for them. This program provides specific actions, and summarizes these at the end, with a reminder that it's important in these difficult times to be oneself.



The subject of grieving necessarily touches on the subject of death, and neither are comfortable to talk about. As a result of not knowing what to do, family and friends can absent themselves just when the grieving person needs them most. How can the basic actions of caretaking in this situation be summarized without trivializing its somber and serious nature?


Every elearning program requires a tone, look, and feel that fits with the subject matter at-hand. Carefully choosing graphic and audio assets, and composing them with appropriate colors, animation effects, and interactions ensures that the not only information is delivered but also emotional impact.


This program meets the challenge of its solemn subject matter by creating a “quiet space” in which the viewer can consider their role in the grieving process. Encouragement to “Be Yourself” means that the suggested actions are not prescriptive, but descriptive of ways in which the viewer can provide comfort. This program answers the challenge of a serious subject matter, and does so with dignity.